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Wawa Sensei @wawasensei 2021/07/15 20:57

Découvrez les merveilles de site que l'on peut réaliser avec la librairie #threejs !
Merci @bruno_simon pour la formation #threejsJourney et pour le code promo ! pic.twitter.com/h5Mri3inmV

Menawer Abdulla @eng_menawer 2021/07/15 14:46

Thank you
for the amazing #threejsJourney , it was am inspiring and amazing course, learned alot and can't wait for any new content, the possibilities are endless now after those set of skills you taught us.Woman mage pic.twitter.com/ufRs5K7ZAr

Thomas Sojka @rollacaster 2021/07/13 20:15

I finished my #threejsJourney, thank you @bruno_simon, a really great course! I can't wait to start my own scene 🤩 pic.twitter.com/dCpdHIKTmA

Johnny Karate @xJaagrav 2021/07/10 10:18

Since using Raycast Vehicle on Cannon is quite complex and there's not much resources available out there, I am working on this engine that would generate the code for any four wheeled car model you upload!!

#100DaysOfCode #threejs #threejsJourney @pmndrs pic.twitter.com/Jq3cSHlDek

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