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Francesco Michelini @fra_michelini 2021/04/06 12:27

I finally reached the end of @bruno_simon's #threejsJourney, here are my considerations for those who are still thinking about whether to purchase it or not.


Link to the course: threejs-journey.xyz pic.twitter.com/HV7XY2g39E

Angela Galliat 😺 @agalliat 2021/04/05 08:43

Interactive 3D-Letters using @threejs_org & Cannon.js on @CodePen


(experimental result after watching some lessons on threejs-journey.xyz by @bruno_simon )

#codepen #html #css #javascript #threejs #cannonjs #threejsjourney #physics pic.twitter.com/4ERWLDdDIF

Florent Lagrede @flagrede 2021/04/05 07:00

Made my first baking in Blender today!
Thanks so much, @bruno_simon for these extra lessons.

#threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/1ak9jnCZur

Victor Dupuy @VDCode 2021/04/05 06:21

Having fun with particles in Three.js with #threejsjourney
I'm pretty sure I'll love building the galaxy generator !
@bruno_simon great content man ! pic.twitter.com/tUyaaGI16Q

Ryan Mulligan @hexagoncircle 2021/04/05 02:10

I began my #threejsJourney this weekend and came up with this simple @CodePen demo. There's still so much to explore but it's amazing that you can build stuff like this relatively quickly.

See it live: codepen.io/hexagoncircle/… pic.twitter.com/wUX25RamgJ

@bruno_simon learned from you, but i was sleepy so did not add portal walls 😊Really enjoying #threejsJourney #day12 #100daysofcodechallenge learning never ends ... pic.twitter.com/oz5FVU5yI5

Ok, I think it's kinda cute at least even if I've stuck pretty rigidly to the example

#threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/O1o5CloA6u

Still needs a bit of tweaking but getting there. Very much looking forward to sticking shaders on that portal, maybe even whatever I end up with from the #curiouslyminded stream later

#threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/vKFwpbdCtS

Sneyder Barreto @sneyderdev 2021/04/03 02:59

💡 Viernes de aprender sobre luces.

Baking also sounds quite interesting.
#Threejs #ThreejsJourney pic.twitter.com/PQBS07LCSx

Woah, finished the 'raging sea' lesson from @bruno_simon his threejs course and wow, custom shaders are awesome! On @CodePen codepen.io/aderaaij/full/… pic.twitter.com/5v5UpnJ0my

Veronika Vysokozerskaia @vysokozerskaia 2021/04/02 12:33

Day 19 - Tried #threejs TextGeometry today. And it's finally Friday😌

#100DaysOfCode #Frontend #javascript #animation #threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/EMLpRxkuJv

Veronika Vysokozerskaia @vysokozerskaia 2021/04/01 11:31

Day 18 - Looked into #threejs materials. It's just blowing my mind how many things you can do just changing materials🤯

#100DaysOfCode #Frontend #javascript #animation #threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/4YiRjH4Fjf

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