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Untitled Group @UntitledGroup2 2021/04/12 06:45

We just made an NFT of one of our best pieces for the first time support us or find more information :

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Inspiration : Alfredo Monaldi
@bruno_simon @mondoir @threejs_org #threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/euw1E8hxxm

Wow, yesterday I finished @bruno_simon's #threejsJourney , and what a journey it has been! Here's the last scene, created in Blender and imported into threejs with baked textures. @CodePen link here: codepen.io/aderaaij/full/… pic.twitter.com/0mimpUsTgP

Dani Valldosera @daniValldo 2021/04/10 10:43

Hello from the other side of the journey. #threejsJourney @bruno_simon pic.twitter.com/Yc8g6s71VI

Premier petit projet avec #threejs de la formation de @bruno_simon. J'ai adoré faire ça, maintenant on passe à la suite. 🤟
#hauntedHouse #threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/LC48Z54Is8

高橋悠太 / Yuta Takahashi @yu_cfbif 2021/04/08 02:24

Learning 6
#Blender #threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/lMBodB7ZHI

Very much WIP but thought I might try some other low poly locations for my #threejsJourney portal, sketching out a park/pond scene pic.twitter.com/nt1q8ATc3B

Steven Marks @sw_marks 2021/04/07 05:46

Portal scene in Blender from Lesson 33 of #threejsJourney Now to unwrap and bake! pic.twitter.com/BXTLuOgG1Z

honestly not sure if I'm more excited or sad to be almost finished with @bruno_simon 's #threejsjourney, but this definitely brings back hs memories of using autocad and maya and ima sit in this nostalgia pic.twitter.com/L21c5B5npe

Nearly finished the new chapters of #threejsJourney, models looking ok, textures baked and everything's loaded into #threejs. Test shaders in the lamps and portal. A classic (uv.x, uv.y, 1.) gradient with some noise thrown into the mix and TBH i's a reasonable vibe for a portal. pic.twitter.com/5A45xrn6Z8

I made a Japanese garden with @threejs_org and @Blender after taking new lessons by @bruno_simon 🙌

I don't remember how many times I have baked textures and still need to practice baking, but it was a fun project 🌸


#threejsJourney #b3d pic.twitter.com/zfnbElqnsc

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