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Karol Stopyra @stopyransky 2021/06/13 07:09

Just finished amazing adventure with #threejsJourney! @bruno_simon thank you for creating this course, your attention to details and broad topics covered makes it really valuable. Here is my final scene: sl3g5.csb.app #threejs #lowpoly #Blender3d pic.twitter.com/3KJ4uPRTk9

shirokuma @moc8010 2021/06/13 02:00

#threejsjourney #threejs pic.twitter.com/oFh4JMrTq5

Finished the great #threejsJourney by @bruno_simon with a banger😃
Enjoyed every part of it, thanks for creating this great course.

portal.kana.jetzt pic.twitter.com/Qve1bhuvV9

Arranqué anoche con el curso de #threejsjourney y me comí 11 clases al hilo.

Excelente contenido, aún no salí de los "basics" que un poco ya conocía pero me llevé bocha de tips útiles para abrir más la cancha en ThreeJS <3 pic.twitter.com/oFNfd3GanE

Frederic Nouel @papanouel 2021/05/31 04:06

Lately I don't have much time, but here's a very functional 3D website :D People can chat with me real time or set a Zoom call (hidden, but you can find it :p) I'll add fun interactions little by little.
Thx @bruno_simon for the #threejsJourney courses :)

Maximilian Berndt @MaxBerndt_ 2021/05/28 10:28

After finishing the shader section of #threejsJourney by @bruno_simon, I created my first shader by myself.
I know it's super basic, but it feels like this is opening so many doors for creative expression on the web✨

#threejs #webgl #shader pic.twitter.com/vffbmGa8my

Aurélien Sesmat @aureliensesmat 2021/05/27 04:16

Mon premier rendu sur blender importé via #threejs ! Ça commence à devenir très intéressant 💪 🤩
(poke @bruno_simon ) #threejsJourney #creativecoding #interactive #webgl #illustration #3D pic.twitter.com/9dGP4cxpQf

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