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Benjamin Rochez @BenjaminRochez 2021/09/16 08:02

Those 2 are almost ready for the adventure.I'm working on a little game project to put into practice the #threejsJourney material learned. pic.twitter.com/Qzj45CcAeP

Thanks @bruno_simon #threejsjourney for the awesome course! I tweaked the portal and fireflies shader a bit. Hope it looks cool to yall!
play with it here: the-portal.netlify.app pic.twitter.com/3EK0JuHEnJ

I did this game for fun.
But also to learn advanced @threejs and shaders.

I got to a point where i got stuck with big ideas but not the knowledge to get there.
That's when i bought the #threejsJourney course.

The value i got from it is insane.


Steven Marks @sw_marks 2021/09/09 04:51

CRICKET FACEOFF -- @Blender gltf crickets battle for supremacy, kind of. Turn on the sound and chirp them on at cricket01.vercel.app #threejs #threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/OiWKSftygu

Kushal Geesawor @Kushal_Geesawor 2021/09/05 00:58

3 more lessons to go - this one took me the longest but so gratifying once you see your final render!

@bruno_simon #threejsjourney

#threejs #Blender3d pic.twitter.com/ru1mHFu2zL

modeling a watch in blender and rendering in three.js with some skills I learn from @bruno_simon three.js journey and his twitch. thanks! pic.twitter.com/DbYXCOPZan

Putri Karunia @putrikarunian 2021/08/27 07:54

First time learning #threejs! LOVING IT! Can't wait to continue my #threejsjourney this weekend 😍

Made with @threejs and @splinetool ❤️ pic.twitter.com/0tA0wlT7Z8

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